Monday, February 12, 2007

Why Zachary Wins Again!

Michael H. Joseph, M.D.
Department: Department of Anesthesiology Critical Care Medicine,Division of Anesthesiology
Anesthesiology; Pain Management

Jeffrey I. Gold, Ph.D.
Department: Department of Anesthesiology Critical Care Medicine
Clinical Psychology; Pain Management

I will put more medical information up soon. Although, Zachary has many issues that are not well understood. Starting with Autism but that was the easy one for us. My brother was autistic. Zachary developed out of order as an infant. He screamed from day one. He walked/sort of ran from one place until he crashed into another at seven months. We started seeing doctors early on. Zachary was in an infant program through the march of dimes. I have been with him every step of the way. I had a hard time finding doctors that would treat Zachary for pain. Even though they would tell me that he was in pain. I was so relieved to find the MAGIK clinic at Children's Hospital Los Angeles. I was completely ruined by the time I got there. I resorted to showing them a video of one of Zachary's pain episodes. If you watch my You Tube video 20 seconds of pain, magnify it, add blood and open wounds to his head and hands. You'll have some idea of what I showed them. The only thing I could do was wrap us up in sheets and hang out in my homemade padded cell. You can find a picture of that here too. If that is not enough to show how terrifying this was to live with. Email me and I'll tell you the story about Zachary busting the windshield of my car twice. None of that mattered because he was suffering so much. I was so scared. To call Dr. Joseph and Dr. Gold heros is an understatment. They gave us a life. This is just the story of how we got to them. Next I'll post about what they do for him. I don't know how to thank them. Perhaps this will at least show them that I have the desire too. I hope to post more about the MAGIK clinic and what they do for other children. So this is why Zachary Wins Again!


Amy W said...

He looks so cute! And the docs look so caring!

Amy W said...

Okay, what you wrote didn't show up until I refreshed. He broke your windshield twice? I can only imagine what you've been through.

Z's mom aka Jippy said...

Amy, The doctors are really caring. Superior human beings! They help Zachary and they are very very kind to me. I don't make it easy on them either. I don't like hospitals.

He did break my windshield twice and thankfully he didn't get seriously hurt when he did it The first time he didn't even know he did it and the second time he felt really bad about it. He also broke my neighbors window which they very generously declined my offer to pay for. He broke all my mirrors and the door....... That's why I called him my tasmanian devil.... It was very bad and I am glad those days of destruction and fear of bodily harm are ( what am I supposed to do? throw salt over my shoulder? Spit into the wind?) a thing of the past. ALL Thanks to these doctors!