Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Response to Primetime Outsiders Kids getting shocked

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In response to Primetime The Outsiders, "aversive stimulation" skin shock therapy on autistic and other special needs kids. Please tell people about Zachary' s success story. I want people to know that kids that hurt themselves might be in pain. My son gets helped from the MAGIK clinic. He stops hurting himself. He isn't a zombie everyday.
It's a miracle in my life. He still has autism and other problems. It still happens. But we can manage it. I am sure that shocking him would not help him get over this in any way. I am sorry for those kids and the families that need help. I worry that people saw the Primetime and think it' s horrible but their only hope. Please tell them to check out 20 seconds of pain. Tell them it's nothing compared to how far it went. To being bloody and breaking doors and windshields. Tell them we are better.

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