Friday, February 9, 2007

Animal Assisted Therapy
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It's a photo of a poloroid picture. They give it to you when you get a vist from a therapy dog. Imagine being in the hospital or a clinic and you get a visit from 'Valencia" or another sweet dog. This is the exact type of dog that Zachary loves. Imagine how happy he was even though he was at the hospital. The MAGIK clinic gets creative! MAGIK


AmeDame said...

I just found you from fussy, I'll link to you unless you object. My blog's not always kid-friendly, haha! Best wishes!
Amy D.

molly_g said...

I'm really glad that Eden linked to you as well. I'm the mom of a disabled boy as well, and I have a polaroid of my son during his visit with the hospital doggy as well. It a picture I'll always keep, as a reminder that even during his toughest time, he was still able to smile. A lesson for all of us maybe? I'll definitely be linking to you, as a show of support, and be keeping up on you and Zachary's progress, as I wish him the best of all things.

TitanKT said...

I'm also here from

What a happy looking kid, how wonderful for both of you.

My best!

Amy W said...

He looks so happy! I am also happy people are finding your blog and your story...

Jippy said...

Amedame, Thank you for the link. ( sometimes those our the best blogs!)

molly g, I choose to be with Zachary. I wasn't giving up much. You on the other hand worked hard for something and set it aside to be a good mother. I admire you and thank you for the link.

titankt, Isn't fussy wonderful! She saw right into the heart of my situation. RIght into Zachary's heart. I think she healed something in me : )

Amy, I am trying to behave on this site so hopefully I can have other patients stories on here too. ( if they want them here) I will put up stuff about the docs though.