Thursday, February 8, 2007

Finally Out of the Closet

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This is the closet that I lived in with Zachary wraped in sheets with pillows nailed to the wall. My own padded cell. We used it before Zach was treated for a pain disorder. He had a large egg like contusion on his head that he would reopen when he would hit his head against the wall. We used to call him a unicorn. Later we used this closet for puppets. I supose it's time for a new door. You can see it's filled with toys and games now. You can barely see a prayer taped to the door. Probably why I still have that door.

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Jippy said...

There is a couple going to jail for locking up their foster children " for their own protection" I was in there with zachary and it was never a form of punishment or behavorial modification.
These people had too many special needs children and not enough help. Helping people with limitations magnifies our own. It will take you too the edge and hopefully you've planted deep roots that will hold you steadfast.