Sunday, April 22, 2007

Zachary to Mad World by Michael Andrew & Gary Jules

Zachary set to Mad World. Zach has a tooth that has to be pulled because there is not enough room for it to come in. It' s triggering his pain disorder. He's very brave. The video lost quality when it was compressed. Technically, it's a mess but I still like it....... Isn't that so typical Jippy?


Joy said...

Hi Jen! It's Joy. I saw you on Lolo's log and it's nice to meet ya. Yep...I'm always look for support for Autism. It has not affected my family but to know any parent with a child/sibling with this crummy thing (to say the least about it), I am affected to and I am angry that it pops up and no one knows what the hecs going on and why it would just go away!!! Yet, I digress, I'm doing what I can and though I love to perform and put albums out and make mongo money so my mom doesn't have to pay a single mortgage payment again, I know in my heart that helping through music is what I was meant to do and there is so much joy (all puns intended, snicker, snicker) in experiencing one single moment of happiness in a child with autism. So with all my babbling. I'll be walking for you and your family on June 3rd in NYC.

Jippy said...

Thank you so much Joy! Good luck with all that you go and especially on the walk!