Saturday, July 7, 2007

Three days in hospital four wisdome teeth out.....

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Zachary had three days in the hospital.
He had four wisdom teeth pulled and one incisor tooth.
The incisor was not coming down and was trying to pop out on the side of his gums.

I am very curious to find out how much LESS pain medication he will need after having this situation dealt with.

Zachary, had no trouble with his kidneys, or liver....any major organ during or after the surgery.

He was on IV with D10 for the first two days. A nurse told me it's kind of the amount of eating Mcdonalds. That's a lot of energy to his cells. It worked magic.

It could be a new world with out teething worries.

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Mom has me in my favorite blue shirt again. It's cozy enough to sleep in.